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Articles, The passenger ship Titanic

The Navratil enfants: orphans of the Titanic

Michel and Edmond

Michel Navratil and his two sons, Michel and Edmond, marked the history of the Titanic….. a father who took his children away from their mother in the hope of reuniting his family in America. When the ship went down, the father, knowing that death was inevitable, put his 2 children into a life raft. Their […]


Articles, The passenger ship Titanic

R.M.S. Titanic

Titanic en rade de Cherbourg ©Jacques Mignon

The R.M.S. Titanic (Royal Mail Steamer) was a masterpiece of early XXth century technology and the pride and joy of England. It was named as such because besides passengers, it also carried His Majesty King George V’s mail.           The White Star Line and the race to create a giant   […]


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The Titanic and the cinema


The tragic history of the Titanic has been an important source of inspiration for the film industry. Numerous American, English, German and Italian directors have not missed the opportunity to give their audiences a chance to relive that last tragic night on board the Titanic in their films, television series or documentaries.   Most of […]

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