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The Titanic and the cinema


The tragic history of the Titanic has been an important source of inspiration for the film industry. Numerous American, English, German and Italian directors have not missed the opportunity to give their audiences a chance to relive that last tragic night on board the Titanic in their films, television series or documentaries.   Most of […]


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French passengers embarking in Cherbourg

On 10th April 1912 at 6.35 p.m, the Titanic dropped her anchor near to the Central fort in Cherbourg. The stop-over lasted for an hour and a half, just enough time for the White Star Line tenders Nomadic and Traffic to transfer 281 passengers of 26 different nationalities: American, English, Belgian, Canadian, Croatian, Greek, Italian, […]


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Cherbourg’s hotels

Emigrants à Cherbourg, devant l'hôtel Atlantique

Cherbourg’s Hôtel Atlantique was built by Cunard, White Star Line and Red Star Line. The three maritime companies (Cunard, White Star Line and Red Line) created a limited company with the objective of building and managing an emigration centre capable of dealing with the volume of emigrants in Cherbourg. René Levavasseur, future architect of the […]


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Transatlantic Terminal Building in 1933

1933 : new transatlantic terminal building

Transatlantic Terminal Building in 1933 A passenger terminal for welcoming cruise ships and their passengers. An escalation in the number of emigrants leaving from Cherbourg meant that a new Transatlantic Terminal Building was needed rapidly, as well as work to transform Cherbourg-Octeville’s port into a deep water port. The project was enstrusted to the architect […]

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