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The flow of migrants

Cherbourg’s harbour at the heart of migratory flow A second wave of emigration took place in Europe between 1900 and 1914 and involved migrants essentially from Eastern Europe. Their reasons for emigrating were not only to avoid the economic crisis but also on political or religious grounds. But whatever the motivation, the dream remained the same: […]


Articles Cherbourg from 1933 to today

The Baggage hall

Discover the Transatlantic terminal building’s baggage hall The Transatlantic passenger terminal’s baggage hall suffered from the effects of bad weather over many years due to the severely decayed condition of the building’s zenithal glass roof. It was restored in 2003 with the aim of welcoming Cunard’s latest pearl, the Queen Mary 2, which was to […]


Articles Cherbourg from 1933 to today Photographies

Transatlantic Terminal Building in 1933

1933 : new transatlantic terminal building

Transatlantic Terminal Building in 1933 A passenger terminal for welcoming cruise ships and their passengers. An escalation in the number of emigrants leaving from Cherbourg meant that a new Transatlantic Terminal Building was needed rapidly, as well as work to transform Cherbourg-Octeville’s port into a deep water port. The project was enstrusted to the architect […]


Articles The Titanic in Cherbourg Photographies

The ship’s 281 passengers

Le Titanic en rade de Cherbourg le 10 avril 1912

Having left Southampton on April 10th 1912 under the orders of Captain John Smith, the Titanic arrived in Cherbourg late afternoon, more than an hour and a half late due to an incident with the liner New York at Southampton. The two tenders, Nomadic and Traffic, began conveying the 281 passengers on land out to […]

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