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The start of the 20th century: emigration from Eastern Europe. The start of the 20th century was marked by a massive exodus of Eastern Europeans which only stopped with the First World War. However, Eastern European emigrants were still arriving in the United States after the war, many Jews in particular but also those trying […]


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From White Star Line to Cunard Line Founded in 1845, the White Star Line was taken over in 1867 by Thomas Henry Ismay, who transformed the company into a specialist in the transport of passengers to and from luxury liners. His son, Jopseh Bruce Ismay, replaced him in 1899. The White Star Line ran into […]


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Transatlantic Terminal Building in 1933

1933 : new transatlantic terminal building

Transatlantic Terminal Building in 1933 A passenger terminal for welcoming cruise ships and their passengers. An escalation in the number of emigrants leaving from Cherbourg meant that a new Transatlantic Terminal Building was needed rapidly, as well as work to transform Cherbourg-Octeville’s port into a deep water port. The project was enstrusted to the architect […]


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Transatlantic companies and the White Star ferries

Transatlantic companies in the boom era of Cherbourg’s harbour With the huge increase in emigration, numerous ships from foreign maritime companies made regular stop-overs in Cherbourg harbour, made accessible by train in 1958. Whereas only three transatlantic companies used the port of Cherbourg in 1900, the number rose to seven in 1913 and eleven in […]

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