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Articles Cherbourg from 1933 to today Photographies

Transatlantic Terminal Building in 1933

1933 : new transatlantic terminal building

Transatlantic Terminal Building in 1933 A passenger terminal for welcoming cruise ships and their passengers. An escalation in the number of emigrants leaving from Cherbourg meant that a new Transatlantic Terminal Building was needed rapidly, as well as work to transform Cherbourg-Octeville’s port into a deep water port. The project was enstrusted to the architect […]


Articles Cherbourg Yesterday Photographies

Cherbourg’s passenger terminal in 1933

A new terminal building of monumental proportions     Cherbourg’s new terminal building was of much grander proportions. Inaugurated on July 30th 1933 by the President of the Republic Albert Lebrun, the Transatlantic passenger terminal was hailed as the most splendid in the world by national and international press at the time. It is true […]


Cherbourg Yesterday

Maritime traffic

The number of vessels calling in at Cherbourg has continued to increase over the years   The English and German companies Royal Mail Line and Hamburg Amerika Line were the first to use Cherbourg for cruise ship stop-overs as from 1869. French companies however, in particular the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, preferred the port of Le Havre. […]

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