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Articles Cherbourg emigration

Key dates

The start of the 20th century: emigration from Eastern Europe. The start of the 20th century was marked by a massive exodus of Eastern Europeans which only stopped with the First World War. However, Eastern European emigrants were still arriving in the United States after the war, many Jews in particular but also those trying […]


Articles Cherbourg from 1933 to today

The stars in Cherbourg

Salvador Dali dans la gare maritime transatlantique de cherbourg

Numerous Hollywood stars passed through Cherbourg with Cunard. Thanks to Cunard and the company’s prestigious liners, many stars travelled via Cherbourg and the town grew used to their regular appearances. At the end of September 1952, Charlie Chaplin arrived in Cherbourg on board the Queen Elizabeth. Whilst at sea with his wife and four children, […]


Articles The Titanic in Cherbourg Photographies

The ship’s 281 passengers

Le Titanic en rade de Cherbourg le 10 avril 1912

Having left Southampton on April 10th 1912 under the orders of Captain John Smith, the Titanic arrived in Cherbourg late afternoon, more than an hour and a half late due to an incident with the liner New York at Southampton. The two tenders, Nomadic and Traffic, began conveying the 281 passengers on land out to […]

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