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Articles Cherbourg emigration

The flow of migrants

Cherbourg’s harbour at the heart of migratory flow A second wave of emigration took place in Europe between 1900 and 1914 and involved migrants essentially from Eastern Europe. Their reasons for emigrating were not only to avoid the economic crisis but also on political or religious grounds. But whatever the motivation, the dream remained the same: […]


Cherbourg and La Cité de la Mer

Renovating the Cherbourg Passenger Terminal

The Transatlantic Passenger Terminal in Cherbourg, inaugurated in 1933, has been graced with the presence of the most prestigious liners during its history (such as the famous and infamous Titanic) and sometimes even several ships at the same time! The port’s activity declined rapidly however, after the World War II when air travel took over […]


Cherbourg Yesterday

Maritime traffic

The number of vessels calling in at Cherbourg has continued to increase over the years   The English and German companies Royal Mail Line and Hamburg Amerika Line were the first to use Cherbourg for cruise ship stop-overs as from 1869. French companies however, in particular the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, preferred the port of Le Havre. […]

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