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Association Française du Titanic

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A partnership between the Association Française du Titanic and La Cité de la Mer in Cherbourg



Amongst La Cité de la Mer’s partners in France, around Europe or on the American continent is the Association Française du Titanic. Its members have shared their historical, technical and human knowledge on the mythical liner with teams at the theme park in Cherbourg. An agreement was signed in Cherbourg on April 9th this year between the Association and La Cité de la Mer and the event was followed by a signed book sale for Les Français du Titanic, co-written by four members of the association, which has just been released by Marines Editions.




The mission of Association Française du Titanic: keeping the memory of the Titanic alive



Created in 1998, the association’s aim is to carry out research on the story of RMS Titanic, the maritime company White Star Line and also on the French citizens who boarded the prestigious liner. The avid members of this association carry out meticulous research on the emigrants, rich travellers or even crew members who met with the same tragic destiny, by contacting their descendants as well as historians. Their objective is to keep the memory of survivors and their families alive.


The Association Française du Titanic organises events about the Titanic around France and reunites its members at a yearly colloquium. Its members publish an information letter called Latitude 41.

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