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The Baggage hall

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Discover the Transatlantic terminal building’s baggage hall

La Salle des bagages, restaurée en 2004

The Baggage hall

The Transatlantic passenger terminal’s baggage hall suffered from the effects of bad weather over many years due to the severely decayed condition of the building’s zenithal glass roof. It was restored in 2003 with the aim of welcoming Cunard’s latest pearl, the Queen Mary 2, which was to make her first stop-over at the Quai de France in Cherbourg on April 14th 2004.

A temporary exhibition was also created during the restoration period, taking visitors back to the passenger terminal’s heyday: from the era of emigration up to the arrival of world-renowned stars….

Since 2004, passengers arriving on some of Cherbourg’s most impresssive stop-overs have disembarked directly into the baggage hall via the original gangways and discovered the beauty of this magnificent room, with its exotic wood counters still intact. These counters were used by the customs officers who checked passports and luggage. Travellers from around the world still enjoy the pleasure of arriving in this unique hall, the likes of which can be found nowhere else: a place that remains a reminder of the luxury of that grand era of the transatlantic maritime companies.

Un détail de la Salle des Bagages


An area now used for receptions and an exhibition on the history of the Titanic

The hall is also used for exhibitions at La Cité de la Mer. The activity of events organisation in Cherbourg has been largely developed thanks to the Congress centre at La Cité de la Mer and the Baggage hall is the scene for many events such as seminars, cocktail or functions for companies or institutions. Its unique style really makes each event unforgettable...

In 2012, The Baggage hall will be used in the context of a new permanent exhibition tracing the history of the Titanic at La Cité de la Mer: The Titanic returns to Cherbourg. The general public will be able to visit this exhibition all year round and discover the routes taken by emigrants who embarked on board the infamous liner in Cherbourg.Gare Maritime transatlantique la salle des bagages

The baggage hall gangways

Une des passerelle, encore utilisée pour les grandes escales à Cherbourg

Mobile gangways

The hall’s original gangways are still used today to embark and disembark passengers from the most beautiful and prestigious liners. When the Transatlantic terminal was built, nine of these metal arms known as ‘sky wagons’ were installed and equipped with the first conveyor belts in the world! A great example of technical prowess at the time and one that significantly facilitated the transport of passenger’s luggage. These gangways could (and still can as 2 remain) not only be moved all the way along the quay but also aligned with the height of each ship, adapting to the size of the liner and the level of the tide.


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