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Cherbourg, a town centered around the sea

Principal town in the region of La Manche with 42,087 inhabitants, Cherbourg-Octeville is the central town of an urban community numbering 88,209 inhabitants. It is the second largest urban area in Lower Normandy after Caen. Set between the regions of La Hague, with its rugged landscapes so similar to those of Ireland, and the Val de Saire, with its Vauban forts classified as UNESCO worldwide heritage, Cherbourg-Octeville is sheltered by the largest artificial harbour in the world.

Cherbourg harbour

Areal view of Cherbourg harbour


Four ports in the heart of Cherbourg-Octeville

Le port de plaisance de Cherbourg, port Chantereyne

Cherbourg marina

The town of Cherbourg boasts four ports: Port Chantereyne with 1,500 moorings is one of the most frequented marinas in France; a fishing port in the centre of town; a commercial port where regular ferries to England and Ireland brush bows with dream cruise ships such as the Queen Mary 2, Disney Magic or the Jewel of the Seas… and finally the military port, home to DCNS, submarine construction company supplying the French navy and exporting its know-how abroad.


A maritime dynamism centered around the port and the harbour of Cherbourg

Cherbourg-Octeville has developped its maritime assets via an extremely dynamic nautical industry thanks to a large number of companies: JMV Industries, Allures Yachting, Ican, CMN, etc. Cherbourg harbour is regularly host to various large nautical events: the Tall Ship’s Race in 2005, 7 editions of La Solitaire du Figaro race. The town’s port areas have been redesigned and the quaysides lit up with illuminations by Yann Kersalé. La Cité de la Mer, a scientific theme park dedicated to Man’s submarine adventures, is one of the main tourist attractions in the town.


A cultural influence over the whole of Normandy

On a cultural level and thanks to its excellent quality infrastructures, Cherbourg-Octeville has a great influence on the North Cotentin region, Normandy and far beyond. Live performances, modern photography, circus arts, public recitals and more – the local cultural life is rich and varied and undoubtedly one of the town’s main attractions.


Botanical assets

Le Chateau des Ravalets à Cherbourg

The Ravalet Castle in Cherbourg

With the Gulf Stream blowing along its coast and an oceanic climate, Cherbourg-Octeville has been cultivating its botanical assets for one and a half centuries. This tradition dates back to when sailors brought back unknown and exotic essences from far off lands. It continued into the 20th century thanks to Emmanuel Liais and Dr Favier who rivaled each other to create two parks known to botanists the world over. Cherbourg-Octeville has been doted with a Four Flowers award and has implemented sustainable planting, banning phytosanitary products in all its green areas.


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